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Flies That Catch Trout

by Terry Lawton

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Format: Hardback, pages
Illustrations: Illustrations
Publication date: 27 Feb 2009
ISBN-13: 9780709081937


Every fly fisherman has personal favourite flies that inspire confidence, many in common with a multitude of fellow anglers. But some will be less well known because they are an old pattern that is nearly forgotten or maybe they came from a far-off land. In this book, the author hopes that the selection of trout flies in this book will meet with approval - some may not - and that some of the less-obvious patterns will find a place in some more fly boxes, perhaps those belonging to more adventurous anglers.Extensively researched, "Flies that Catch Trout" includes the importance of the sedge, or caddis, in all their forms to fly fishing both at home and around the world, and the growing understanding of the importance of midges to the diet of trout in rivers.

Author Biography:

Terry Lawton is a passionate fisherman who fly fishes primarily for trout but also for pike and grayling. He is the author of Fly Fishers' Logbook (also by Hale), Nymph Fishing: A History of the Art and Practice, Fly Fishing on Rivers and Streams and Fly Fishing Journal.

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