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Dancing with Witches

by Lois Bourne

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Book details for Dancing with Witches
Format: Paperback, pages
Illustrations: 27 b&w photographs
Publication date: 28 Apr 2006
ISBN-13: 9780709080749


"Dancing with Witches" answers questions which have puzzled followers of witchcraft for a generation. In particular, Lois Bourne's close friendship with the enigmatic Gerald Gardner enables her to shed light on the man widely regarded as the instigator of the modern revival of the witch cult. She writes of her first encounter with him and their years of friendship and co-operation. This led to her meeting a traditional witch and eventual initiation into a coven of witches with an uninterrupted history of 200 years. Witchcraft is as old as time, but few really know what it consists of beyond magic, spells and enchantment. Above all, though it is the renewal of an ancient tradition and this revealing book describes the practices of the religion and details of the training received by the author. Featured, too, are many witches encountered over a lifetime who contributed to Lois Bourne's unique knowledge of the occult and mystical worlds. For nearly fifty years, Lois Bourne has been the leader of a coven of witches who follow the Old Religion, which acknowledges the gods of Nature and seeks to transform and evolve the spiritual aspect of life.Encapsulated also in this memorable book are the author's unusual experiences in voodoo and obeah. Everybody with an interest in witchcraft will find "Dancing with Witches" essential reading.


"'Highly recommended.' The Cauldron"

Author Biography:

Lois Bourne, married with two grown-up sons, lives in Hertfordshire, a county which has many historical associations with witchcraft. When not engaged in lecturing counselling and psychic work her hobbies are sleeping, collecting interesting articles, books and classical music. She enjoys cultivating her garden which is graced by statues of the god Pan and the goddess Diana the Huntress, is a nature and animal lover and derives great pleasure from walking and meditating in the countryside.

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